Join us and together we can be a force for change to make a better world one vehicle at a time.

We are dedicated to protecting our earth and environment by recycling your vehicles in an eco-friendly manner. When you entrust Angel Wheels with your vehicles, you are taking the first step in being green, reducing your carbon footprint, and disposing of your vehicles in the most eco-responsible way.

Our environmentally friendly process includes:

• All recyclable parts are removed

• Fluids such as gasoline, oil and anti-freeze are drained and disposed of    safely

• What remains of the vehicle is then crushed and shredded into scrap    metal to be processed and recycled into new products.

By choosing Angel Wheels, you’re choosing to recycle, which results in less pollution, cleaner eco-systems, reduction of landfills and less use of raw materials.


Our ultimate goal is to bring together charitable organizations and multi-national corporations in synergistic collaboration where everyone profits and all who are in need are served. We offer services to veterans and enlisted personnel in the event you need to sell a vehicle, such as:

• Deployment

• When in an accident and you do not have full insurance coverage

• When you have chosen not to repair a non-operating vehicle

Much like the well-trained personnel of our military, Angel Wheels has the years of experience and knowledge to support and guide our military personnel and veterans through the process of selling their vehicles.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about how we can guide and serve you through the process of selling your vehicle.